Wednesday, October 16, 2013


  • We started giving June gummy toddler vitamins. She loves them and looks forward to the one she gets each day. Well one day Michael gave her the vitamin, which turned out to be two vitamins stuck together. "I got TWO! I got TWO bitamins!" June said. Michael laughed, "You tricked me into giving you two! You're very tricky, June!" (The vitamin bottle actually says that toddlers should have two, so I'm not really concerned with the fact that she got more than the usual one. Well now almost every day when we get home, and often in the car on the way home, June will start talking about her vitamin. "Mommy, I want to be tricky. Can I be tricky? Can I be tricky and get TWO bitamins?"

  • The other night we were getting ready to go out to dinner. I was flipping through a Sacramento Magazine, reading the synopses of restaurant reviews. June ran up to me and tried to close the magazine. After the second time she did this, I said, "Don't do that June." She wandered off. The next thing I heard was Michael asking June, "What are you doing over there?" She was sitting on the chair we use for time out. "I in trouble," June said. "What did you do?" "I close Mommy's book." The funny thing is that I used to put myself in timeout when I was a little girl, and now June has done it too. Guilty conscience runs in the family?
  • I had done my hair in a little braid that leads back into a pony tail. I was sitting on the ground putting my shoes on when June walked up to me and said, "Your hairs look pretty." It was the sweetest thing, the first time she's ever complimented (to my knowledge) without repeating someone else or being asked about something.
  • June and Michael have this game where he pretends he's a horse. June speaks to him in a gentle voice and leads him around the apartment with her hands tucked under his chin. She loves pretending to feed him oats, and today told me that she "had to go to the store to buy more oats." My favorite part, though, was when I asked her what the horse's name was and she replied, "Syrup."

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