Monday, October 21, 2013

It's a Boy....Still!

Alternative titles for this post:

Once, Twice, Three Times Not a Lady, or
Third Time's a Penis, for sure this time

As I mentioned in this post, we scheduled a non-medical ultrasound at 20 weeks to find out the sex of our baby. The ultrasound technician gave us a very confident "Boy!" answer and we were so excited. We started picturing our lives, we went over boy names, we got June to come around to the idea of a little brother.

A week ago we had our first appointment with our healthcare provider in Sacramento. I asked to see a midwife (instead of an OBGYN) and we had a nice little appointment where Michael remembered more about my surgical history than I did (wisdom teeth) and I proceeded to overshare and start sweating.

They said that they normally do an ultrasound to confirm a pregnancy at the first appointment, but my case was a little unorthodox since I didn't need much confirmation. Nonetheless, when faced with the chance to see little BabyShock again, we said "Sure!" (PLUS, I sort of wanted confirmation that it was a boy because of my slight doubts about the first ultrasound.)

The brought out the machine, set it up and we waited. "Well, I'm not a trained technician," said the midwife, "but I'd say it's a girl!"

"Eerrrrrrrr" Michael and I said together. What the what? We looked a little longer and she stayed with her opinion that it was a girl.

Michael and I didn't really know what to think. Obviously we'd be thrilled either way, and the only thing that matters is that the baby is healthy, but we were definitely thrown. What would June think? Well now we can use all of June's hand-me-downs! No more khaki courderoy overalls? Can we get our money back on that other ultrasound?

The midwife said I had to get a medical ultrasound (where they take measurements, look at development of the heart, etc.) but scheduling would be tough since they were booked. The next day I got a call from the provider and they asked if I could come later that afternoon. So Michael and I headed off to yet ANOTHER ultrasound, what we thought of as the Tie Breaker Ultrasound. Whatever this technician said, that's what we were going to prepare for. We only wanted them to tell us if they could tell 100% what the baby was.

We waited and waited for our no-nonsense, highly experienced, professionally and medically trained ultrasound technician to tell us that - 100% sure - it was a boy! "See, there's his package," he said in his Armenian accent.

I tell you, our first pregnancy, we had exactly one ultrasound done - to find out June's gender. No stress, no funny business. For this pregnancy, we have had five ultrasounds so far and have had TWO misinterpretations. I adore me some midwives and love their style and approach to pregnancy and childbirth. But I've learned that maybe we should leave the ultrasounding to the technicians and don't let the midwives operate roll-y cart ultrasounds and tell people that there is no baby when there is or that their boy is a girl.

So! It's a boy...again!

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  1. Yay! How exciting for you guys. Congratulations!!!