Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fairytale Town

In the awesome area of town known as Land Park, there is a gigantic park that gave the area its name (that and William Land, I guess). The Sacramento Zoo is there, along with a small lake, a tiny theme park called Funderland and another little place called Fairtale Town. 

We read that there was a little event going on at Fairytale Town (a kids book fair) that gave us free admission, so we decided to take advantage!

The place was cute, with little structures built all over the place with the intent to represent the different fairy tales, or just to make some fun activities for the kids.

June was a little hesitant with some of the slides at first, but once she got going we had to pull her away.

In Cinderella's carriage:

There were little pens for small animals to see. June also got to get up-close-and-personal with one oversized dog:

June certainly was in the mood to play. The educational components and the book read-alongs on stage didn't quite hold her attention as much. ("Are you sure you want to slide more? We could go to Peter Rabbit's hut and learn how to plant green beans!")

We bought a couple of books, stopped at Captain Hook's pirate ship and then headed home for naps. 

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