Sunday, October 13, 2013

Disney on Ice: Passport to Adventure

On Saturday we took June to Disney on Ice, for which she was only slightly more excited than I was. 

Neither of us had been to this show before, and neither of us really researched what happens during the show, so we told June she was going to go see a "Princess Show" and she got super excited. Of course it turned out that it only featured ONE princess, choosing to display an assortment of what Disney has to offer, causing June to ask "Where the Princesses at?" and me to nervously reply "They'll come out soon."

The good news was that the ONE princess that did have a pretty long section was Ariel, who just happened to be the princess June was dressed like!

After making a split-second, show-saving decision to rent a booster seat, we made our way to our seats. The lovely  gentleman behind us offered to take a picture of us exactly when the lights went down and the show lights came on. I'm posting it because, even though it's not the highest-quality picture, I love how June is totally ensnared already:

In her lap is the little light-up Ariel magic wand we got her. It has slept/napped with her for every snooze session since we left the arena.

The show was great. Fast-moving, with Mickey and the gang making frequent appearances.

I got a little nervous during sections that involved characters she'd never seen before. Luckily the music and costumes kept her pretty enthralled, only leaving her to ask some questions for clarification. ("He's a bunny?" about Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, who is an alien. And "They...they are not very nice?" about the pirates from Peter Pan.)

Her favorite, of course, was Ariel. We got to see all the good songs (except for Poor Unfortunate Souls, but then again I have a special place in my heart for villain songs...I could write a whole blog post about this alone.)

The last section was with Peter Pan and her other favorite - Tinkerbell.

It was such a great time, and really made me look forward to the day when we'll take this little girl to Disneyland to see ALL the princesses!

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  1. What a wonderful afternoon you spent with our little princess....who's growing up so quickly before your eyes! Your last photo is truly priceless.....the party's over, she's seen such a big eye-opening show, and she gets to walk to the car holding the hand of her real-life hero.....Dad!

    Your blogs are the best, Jules.....see you in less than a week (bring Ariel with you, please?!)

    All my love, AD