Friday, October 18, 2013

Anniversary Derailed

A few months ago Michael and I talked about what we would do for our fifth anniversary. Michael's cousin was getting married that weekend in New Jersey, and I had visions of New York City in my mind. We could celebrate PJ's wedding and we knew that Michael's parents would be willing to stay a couple extra days and watch June in New Jersey while Michael and I spent a couple days milling about NYC, sampling the food and seeing the sights. I visited the website of Sleep No More to see if I could reserve tickets that far in advance.

Good thing I couldn't!

Things happened so quickly...Michael was offered a job in Sacramento and soon we were packing up. With his new work, it didn't make as much sense to ask for 4 days off right away. Then we got an offer on our home and found out that the closing date was the week after our anniversary, so we had to use that weekend to pack up the house and officially move out.

So our anniversary weekend went from being unfettered in New York to packing boxes in our old home. I'm getting slammed at work and am stressed out of my mind. Not exactly the definition of romantic, but we make plans and God laughs, right?

I know that Michael is worried about me being disappointed. He knew how excited I was about New York. He worries that I'm disappointed in how our anniversary is turning out - especially a mini-milestone one like the big FIVE. (Is five a milestone? I think so?)

But the thing is that I've spent almost no time thinking about what could have been on this, our fifth anniversary where we celebrate five years of married life together. Because we're too busy LIVING married life, you know? We're building those little memories that make up the stuff you remember, whether it be in New York or in an emptying home with a lot of sweaty mover men. We'll make it through this weekend, and some other time in the course of our unpredictable married life, we'll make it to New York.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my heart, my love, my Michael. As we head off to the airport for a date with life's little surprises and interruptions.

I love you even more today than I did back then, if possible. I love you, I do.

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