Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What Will It Be?!?

We're finding out the gender of the baby on Sunday!

Healthcare related back-pedalling...

It just so happened that I ended up relocating out to Sacramento with June (to join Michael) when I was about 17 weeks pregnant. The time that you normally schedule your "Gender Reveal" ultrasound is between 17 and 20 weeks. If I had been any further along, we might have just rushed the ultrasound and found out while we were still in Arizona.

But we didn't, which means that here I sit at almost 19 weeks, not knowing what gender of baby I'm singing to and it's KILLING ME. (The funny thing is that I don't think we knew with June until 20 weeks, so I'm not really sure what's different about this one. My first theory coming up in three, two one...)

I'm still covered by our Arizona insurance. I'm sure that I could hastily find a healthcare provider out here and schedule an appointment, during which I'd sit through a long "get to know you and your health history" talk and maybe schedule an ultrasound later. I imagine that this would tack on an additional 2-4 weeks of waiting time. Which I find to be...unacceptable.

Meanwhile, we're trying to decide if we want to switch to Michael's benefits packages because they are custom fit to California healthcare. So we've been researching in a backwards fashion. Instead of picking insurance and then picking an in-network provider, we're looking around at providers, picking which one feels right and going with that insurance plan. I've visited two hospitals/birthing centers so far.

Even if/when we get around to enrolling and scheduling, that's still some weeks away from finding out if BabyShock2 is a HE or a SHE.

Which is how I found myself Googling ultrasound services in our area. We're going to a free-standing clinic which is 100% non-medical and the whole purpose is just to have an ultrasound to see your baby.   Since it's a business (not a medically-oriented service), they are open on the weekends, so I scheduled for Sunday evening which means June will be in attendance!

I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm doing this. (?) Most of the reviews of the place come from women who are 15 or 16 weeks along and "just can't wait to find out the sex!!1!" There are lots of women who go in later in pregnancy to get the 3D (and 4D - what is a 4D ultrasound? Does it include sound? Smells? I'm confused.) ones where the babies look like they're made out of soft cheese. You know what I'm talking about.

I guess I'm no different than the women who go in at 15 weeks, we're both just impatient. The difference is that I'm going in because of healthcare reasons and they're going in because of SQUEEEE!

(Who am I kidding. I'm also going in because of SQUEEEE!)

So my first theory is that I'm dying to know the sex of the baby because if I didn't (before scheduling my appointment) know if/when I'd ever get to schedule an ultrasound. It could be months! The horror!

My second theory is that it will make this pregnancy seem more real to me. Unlike my first pregnancy, this one is filled with so many more distractions. Packing, selling the house, moving, A TODDLER, new state, job transitions, A TODDLER. I feel like BabyShock2 is my sort of constant buddy, but one that gets forgotten in these other huge events and daily trials. I'm hoping that finding out the gender will allow us to really visualize him/her, allow us to really start planning (names!) and maybe the sheer knowledge (and more frequent kicks) will be a better reminder of the little joy that's headed our way in February. 

So that's that! Now that you've read my diatribe about healthcare (God bless you, whoever you are), anyone want to put in a guess for what we're having? 

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  1. Your blogs are simply the best....I, of course, may be a bit prejudiced.....but humor me, please! Jules, as usual, you have captured the essence of the excitement surrounding the birth of your child. And, whether it is a little sister for the June-bug or a little brother, the two of you will be such good parents.....and Junie will step up her game to be the big sister everyone always talks about. Of course that may take a few years!!!

    I love you so much......Anonymous Dad