Monday, September 9, 2013

Three Portrait Attempts and a Little Lady

This past weekend, our little girlpack tried to make some professional portraits happen. You could say it was a failure of epic proportraitions (aHem!). (Sorry.)

My mom has had success with the affordable portraits done at JC Penny's, and they offer a lot of flexibility in packages (or a la carte items), so on Saturday morning we headed to the one at Paradise Valley Mall. They didn't have any openings, so we made an appointment for the next morning and then played at the mall playground. 

We showed up early to our Sunday morning appointment to find the whole mall mostly closed. We weren't able to get into the Penny's so we hung out in the darkened playground again. (There were lots of parents and kids there, go figure.)

When we finally got ahold of the Penny's folks, they said my appointment wasn't until Monday. This was totally annoying because the woman I had worked with on Saturday specifically said that I probably didn't need a reminder call since my appointment was just "tomorrow." So...we moved past that frustration with a ride on the train.

We couldn't reschedule with that mall (even if we'd wanted to, which I didn't at that point), so instead we rescheduled for a weekday at the JC Penny's near my house.

So we squeezed in an appointment this evening, with me hurrying home from work and Mom hurrying to pick June up from school and make it to the store on time. This led to the perfect storm of us being rushed, stressed and June being very sweaty from her recent playground time at school. Not optimum portrait scenario.

Let's just say that I had told June she could have a special treat if she was a good girl during pictures (I am not above bribery), and afterwards Mom and I had to have the talk of whether or not a treat was in order. We did get a few good shots, but most of them were cheesetastic smiles or June outright trying to run out into the store. The best shots we got were when we let her hold a fake muffin that she found in the prop bin, go figure.

Since I was too frenzied during the photo shoot ("Show me your nice smile! Where are your dimples? June, come back here!") I didn't manage to take any artistic shots of the photo shoot. I did, however, take a couple of shots out in the parking lot with my iPhone.

So if they all turn out terribly, you will all be receiving a wallet-sized printout of this image. Hope you enjoy!

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