Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Friday was our last night in Arizona, at least as permanent residents. We might be back to pack up the house after it sells, but even that will be only for a couple of days. I was alone with June and decided to make it a special occasion, so we picked up some takeout, moved the furniture in the living room and had an inside picnic while watching Tangled

Michael got in later that evening when June was already asleep, so he got to surprise her by getting her up from her crib the next morning. June normally likes to lay around in a sleepy fog for a while, but this time she popped up, said "Daddy!" and gave him a huge hug.

We did some last-minute packing and tidying up, then walked around and said goodbye to the house. 

Then we packed up the car and headed out. 

It was likely not our strategic master move for Michael to bring the big Highlander out with his things, leaving us the little Prius to bring three of us and our things to California. We were quite jammed in there, especially since I had a huge box devoted to my home office items (computer monitors, keyboard, etc.).

During road trips with a toddler, you think of a lot of things that could go wrong, but I was mostly concerned with keeping June distracted/busy/happy/not screaming. The first day - the day we decided to drive more than halfway to Sacramento - was A DREAM. June napped, played with her little electronic toys and read tons of books.

We stopped at a little hotel and stayed the night. June slept in a queen sized bed by herself (with pillows around the edges), so when I woke up in the morning and glanced over, I saw her little head - just the forehead and eyes - peeking back at me. 

The next day really only had about 4 hours of driving. June was restless and moving through her activities at breakneck speed. We tried giving June the tablet, but the apps were a little too old for her. She got frustrated trying to play, I got frustrated trying to help, Michael got a loud demand that he pull over so I can take over driving lest I spend another hour turned completely around in my seat. ("My insides have likely suffered permanent damage!")

We finally arrived in Sacramento just in time for a late lunch. We ate in a really cool little Irish pub downtown and my heart soared. Trees lining the streets, trees just starting to turn a little yellow or orange. 

The weather was warm in the sun and cool in the shade. After lunch we walked over to the Capitol park and marveled at all the green and the squirrels.

We arrived at our furnished apartment and spent a little time hanging out before running out on some errands. Within six hours of becoming Sacramentans we had visited Wal-Mart and IKEA and had eaten at an Indian Buffet for dinner. 

We bought some new things to make the apartment more functional and make June's room feel more like home. The details might wait for another post altogether, but I am glad to say that June seems to really like our new apartment and her new room - big girl bed and all. 

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  1. Julie Jules: with your big move to CA, your blogs like this will become a much bigger part of our lives! We already look so forward to your blogs, so please keep your writing skills going!!

    We love you all three so very much!

    Mom and Dad