Sunday, September 8, 2013

Labor Day Visit

For Labor Day weekend we had quite the gathering. Michael's parents came to visit and mine were also in town. Michael flew out from Sacramento to see the group, plus we were able to see JP and Kai. 

The first night that my in-laws were in town was also their anniversary. Check out adorable Judy, who was surprised by Fred's beautiful roses. The romance is still alive, folks!

June was so happy to spend some time with her Grammy and Papaw Fred. She even volunteered to give Grammy a back rub after first receiving one.

Michael enjoyed a lot of snuggles with June due to missing her the week before, and facing two weeks apart after the weekend was over.

Judy and Fred also allowed me and Michael to have a date night, so we had our own romantic dinner while they had their own.

We drove up to my parents' house on Labor Day. I reached over to hold June's hand during the drive and she wouldn't let go, even switching hands to hold mine so she could scratch her face, then switching back. A simple little moment, but one that warms my heart.

We spent the day hanging out, going in the pool and eating some good food.

Then Michael had to return to Sacramento, so we said our goodbyes.

Michael's parents (and my Dad) left the next day, with my mom staying on to help me out. She's been assisting with June and with the needs of the house while we attempt to sell and still maintain some kind of life balance. 

The weekend went by too fast, and we certainly enjoyed what might be our last big family get together while we're still Arizona residents!

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