Saturday, September 21, 2013

Evening in Midtown

To kick off our first weekend as a family in Sacramento, we headed downtown. I kept singing the "Downtown" song and June got excited. She then proceeded to cry when she found out that we were in fact going straight to dinner instead of a mysterious, physical location wonderland called "Down Town!".

Midtown is a cool, Hipster-esque, young-professionals type area of downtown. I loved walking around the little streets lined with gigantic trees, small boutiques, tattoo  shops and cafes.

We ate at place called Chicago Fire, which was great except that it was just one of those nights for June. You know what I mean. Everything was a battle. It was one of those nights where Michael had to take her on a walk outside while I had some Mommy Time and ate my emotions in the form of garlic bread.

Despite her orneriness, we decided to take a walk after dinner and went to an adorable diner called the Dessert Diner which sells nothing but cakes, tortes, brownies cookies and pies.

Of course June was a perfect angel here and was even excited about us all sharing our slice of Oreo cheesecake.

We're loving checking out the different neighborhoods around town!

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