Monday, September 23, 2013

Children/Chicken Festival

On Saturday we went to another Sacramento neighborhood, Fair Oaks, for a festival I read about. I swear that the first time I read the paragraph about it in the Sacramento magazine, it said "Children's Festival." Well the next day, after I was asking Michael about his interest in going, the description had suddenly changed to"Chicken Festival." We decided to go anyway!

First, there were  chickens just wandering around. But there were also chicken-related crafts and art, as well as several people who had dressed up like chickens. 

It was just cute, you know? This little area had hay bales for listening to live music. 

There was a really big kids area where we hung out after lunch. And by 'kids area' I don't mean a little booth with face painting. I mean legit huge kids area with big attractions. Watching these kids flop around in their individual bubbles. (The sign next to this said "Enough air inside for 30 minutes" and I couldn't help but wonder about who had tested this and how.)

When the Chicken Dance came on, June got excited so I started rushing her over toward the stage. After all, I can't count the amount of times we've arranged her Beanie Babies in a circle and done the Chicken Dance inside it back home.

Well, I apparently underestimated the extent to which THIS is an object of terror.

So I hear this shriek and look down and sure enough my child is screaming and I am the heartless parent dragging her to her doom. Needless to say, there was no arm/wing flapping done that day. PRO TIP: This is also an object of terror:

But we did go on the big inflatable slide and spent tons of time running around the playground.

Surprise Baby Belly Shot: Me at 18 Weeks...

I know I haven't been posting as many belly pics this time around. The truth is I haven't taken any. I've been a little busy and also a little self-conscious about how early I started showing. I swear, the baby was the size of an olive and I looked like I had already gained 20 lbs. A helpful hint is that if you want to see what I look like in this stage of pregnancy, look at my pictures from the last time around and add 8 weeks or so.

Case in point- what I look like now at 18 weeks:

(Me last pregnancy at 26 weeks.)

Except, you know, shorter hair. 

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  1. Julie, you look GREAT! Although you may feel like you look 26 weeks, I think you look perfectly average at 18 weeks. Keep up the good work growing that baby Shock! :)