Sunday, September 15, 2013

Calling in the Big Guns

When I found out that I was going to be staying home with June alone - while the house was on the market, while I was pregnant - for three weeks while Michael was away (though he did come back one weekend), I called my mom with one word: "HELP."

Ask and you shall receive. 

Mom and Dad came out to visit over Labor Day, and Mom changed her travel plans so she could stay out in Arizona with me and June for another week. Isn't that just the mommest thing you've ever heard? She dropped everything and helped when I needed her the most, and I guess that's all you need to know. 

She made dinner some nights. She helped with dishes and cleaning. She was home when we had some services done (like getting the carpets cleaned). She arranged the house just so before leaving each day so realtors could bring potential buyers through. She helped with June, who is in a particularly high-energy phase of life, while I was in a particularly low-energy phase of pregnancy.

Even during times where we were just hanging around, it was just so nice to have someone else there. I'm sure this next sentence will disqualify me from any Parent of the Year contests, but parenting is just easier with someone else around. When June would throw a tantrum, it was just nice to have someone else there, someone who I knew wasn't judging. And things are just more lively with three. 

Coincidentally, June's school had Grandparents' Day while Mom was in town, so she got to go and enjoy milk and cookies. I laugh at the memory of Mom reenacting how one of the teachers asked if any grandparents wanted milk and Mom loudly proclaimed "Of course!" right before the rest of the pack gave a very modest, "No thank you." 

The three of us girls headed up to Fountain Hills for the weekend so realtors would have free reign. We enjoyed that last cloudy, rainy weekend by relaxing around the house, picnicking at the park and making several attempts to get portraits of June done. 

Mom, I'm not sure what I would have done without you... probably would have gone a little crazy and we would have eaten every meal out at the Cracker Barrel. You were such a help, even at the times when you probably felt like you weren't doing much. And we sure did miss you when you were gone. 

Thank you so much for everything. I love you. We both do.

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