Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Woes of the First Trimester

We found out we were expecting again on Father's Day.

I got to buzz around those first two weeks with my little secret, thrilled and excited and loving every minute of it. I love being pregnant! I thought, I want 27 more children! This can't be my last pregnancy!

And then. And then the nausea descended. Like a thick puce-colored fog. 

It started around our 4th of July trip to San Diego, where I experienced my first public vom session at around midnight on the 4th in the hotel parking garage. (The cars drove by, thought I was a drunkard and my mood was not improved.)

Since then, it's been the usual. Nearly every morning while brushing my teeth I end up heaving into the sink. The only other public incident happened in a restaurant bathroom, during which I also got a bloody nose. As if that was what I needed at the moment. 

Needless to say, it was a very short amount of time before I was thinking, NEVER AGAIN. No more pregnancies for this one. Not ever.  

To be fair, I do think it was worse last time, it's just hard to remember exactly at this point. (It is not a coincidence that we forget the hardships of pregnancy and labor. Mother Nature gives us the pregnancy  mind fog to hoodwink us into doing it more than once.)

Another fun development about the second pregnancy...turns out that you show much earlier the second time around. I was only about 7 weeks before I had to start reverting to the old tricks (the rubber band through the button hole, the Bella Band) to make my clothes more comfortable. (The nausea - and resulting inability to tolerate pressure on my middle - didn't help.)

I had a few weeks of weird feelings about my body but was reassured by friends and the All-Knowing Internet that it's totally normal to show early the second time. The best analogy I came across was that your ab/stomach muscles are like a balloon. The first time you blow up a balloon, it's difficult because the elastic is so tight. After that, it's easier to blow up because the elastic has been stretched out. 

Even with the reassurance that it's the norm, I'm still very much looking forward to the moment when I look pregnant and not just bloated.

I'm officially out of the first trimester now, so let's hope that that glorious second trimester kicks in soon, with less nausea and more baby bump and baby kicks galore! 

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