Monday, August 26, 2013

The Upcoming Move!

As of this moment, our family is one-third moved to Sacramento!

And by that I mean that one-third of our family is physically there, while two of us remain in Arizona along with our home and belongings. To be fair, we have exactly 1 box packed, so progress!

Michael comes home next weekend for Labor Day (both of our folks are in town also), but we still treated this one like our last. We went to one last Mercury game on Friday and on Saturday we had a date night. Italian food for dinner and a movie - The Butler. 

Now June and I embark on a journey of it being Just Us Girls around the house, which I hope goes smoothly. She seems to know that big changes are happening and is especially ornery these days. It comes out in different ways, like refusing to get out of the shower and playing and flopping around for a good 20 minutes after the water had been turned off.

(Her new thing once we DO get her dried off, is to cuddle with "her babies," who she has named Tutu and Tututu/Tutu Two)

ANYWAY, Sacramento.

I am super excited about the move, even if I'm not so thrilled about all the stress we're bound to go through in the next couple of months. I'd say I'm excited for where we're going to be in about 6 months.  In the next few months, we're looking at:

  1. Putting the house on the market, and all the joys that comes with that. (Keeping it clean and de-cluttered, having to leave the house for showings, negotiations, paperwork, etc.)
  2. Packing the house
  3. Moving into some kind of temporary housing in Sacramento
  4. Michael having a new job
  5. Searching for a more permanent housing situation in Sacramento
  6. Coordinating to have our belongings transported from Arizona, unpacking
  7. Moving June to a big girl bed
  8. Preparing to have our second child
Plus I'll be transitioning to working from home full time! My job is allowing me to work remotely from Sacramento, which is SUCH a weight off my shoulders. Before that was worked out, I wondered what I'd do when I got there. Search for a job while 4-5 months pregnant? Knowing that I'd be asking for a serious chunk of time off in a few months? Go without a second income until after what would be my maternity leave? Would that mean keeping June home with me, even after having the second baby? Then how would I go on interviews?

So this allows us to keep the second income and gives me the flexibility of working from home! It will mean some challenges, though. Getting into a schedule, being as effective when over-the-phone versus in person, orchestrating long trips back. I know we'll work it out and get into a groove.

And all the while, we'll be in a city with a more mild temperature range, natural bodies of water and a huge trees-per-capita rate! The green! I can't wait for the green!

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