Sunday, August 4, 2013

Michael's Birthday Fly-By

Michael's birthday was over a week ago! And I'm only now getting around to blogging about it. It's just of those weeks. 

We celebrated by picking up sushi for the adults and some chicken teriyaki for the little one. As is normal, June decreed her state of utter starvation before Michael was home from work, so she ate then. Since she was done before he even got home, he and I enjoyed a romantic dinner alone while June played in the other room, our conversation only interrupted by the occasional shout of "That one's purple, Mommy?"

We did gifts and some specialty cupcakes and allowed June to go bonkers from a sugar high for the rest of the night. 

Michael's big gift from me this year was a flight simulator experience. Michael is super interested in flying and the few times we end up at a place like Dave &Buster's finds him located in the flight simulator game. Well this was no game! It was at the air park in North Scottsdale, at flight school. It's a device with full control panel and three big-screen TVs genuinely used to train pilots how to fly. 

All the gadgets and buttons and levers worked...which means you actually had to have your thrust/flaps/other plane jargon in order when you were trying to take off.

The gift was an experience for two people, so JP went with Michael while I stayed home with June and Kai.

It was a real challenge trying to land a plane with all of the functions in order, so after a few tries at a few airports (of their choosing), the guys decided to enjoy some scenery. Such as flying under the Golden Gate Bridge, between high rises and landing in the Grand Canyon:

Luckily the instructor was really cool and didn't mind the guys goofing off. She even showed them some of the things she would throw at pilots-in-training, like heavy turbulence and a bird strike (flock of birds).

(When I first saw that picture, I said, "Ooh, fireworks!" Nope. Those are the impact marks of bird carcasses, blood and all.)

Happy birthday, Michael!

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