Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Content in the Crib

Should we be concerned that June has expressed exactly zero interest in climbing out of her crib?

So June still sleeps in her crib. I'm not sure what the standard age is that kids should move to a toddler bed (or twin), but I have a feeling that June is coming up on it. Sometimes when I see June in her crib, she seems so big and it feels like so long ago that she was swaddled up like a burrito and only taking up a quarter of the crib's length.

I've seen friends post on Facebook or blogs about their kids making escape attempts from the crib and it always just sort of baffles me. We haven't caught her trying to climb out even once. I haven't even seen her lift her leg up.

She just hangs out in her crib, and when she wants to get out, she calls for us to come get her. (And by "us" I mean Michael, because Daddy is THE ONLY one she wants in the mornings these days.) Maybe our crib walls are abnormally high and she couldn't get her leg up that high? She doesn't sleep with that much in her crib to get leverage on, so maybe that helps? (We've tried telling her that she is allowed to have more than one stuffed animal in her crib, normally when she's facing serious internal struggle choosing between Penguin and Puppy. She will not hear of having more than one animal.)

In all seriousness, I think she just...really likes her crib. She likes her little place. It's her little corner and she keeps it just so. She likes slipping her feet through the bars, she likes bouncing from one end to the other. She's ready to get into it at night, often turning from our last kiss and saying, "In my crib."

So I suppose we'll keep her in her crib a little longer. And maybe start sneaking things into her crib while she sleeps, like a step ladder?

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  1. You know, it's funny because this is precisely how I felt - until all of a sudden Ariadne decided to try to climb out! I have no idea what it was that pulled the trigger in her brain because she was completely content in there up until...she just wasn't. Plenty of toddlers sleep in their cribs until 3 or heck, I've even heard of 4. I think the crib can be a nice safe place for kiddos when they're happy in it. That's awesome that she's so content in there! If it isn't broken, don't fix it ;)