Monday, July 22, 2013

Tis the (Monsoon) Season!

One of my favorite times of the year!

Despite the fact that it's still sweltering in the 100's during the day, when those big ol' storms come through, I still feel like snuggling under a blanket inside. We've had some big storms roll through, starting with one that hit JUST our little part of town and no where else. There were reports of 60-100 MPH winds and I believe it, because I was out in it right as it hit. 

After getting stranded in my car outside of June's daycare, I finally made the bolt through wind and rain and got my girl. ("It's raining?" June asked. "Yes, baby." "Be careful?" "Yes, I'll be careful.")

I swear, about 1 in every 10 trees was either partially destroyed or entirely down in our neighborhood. 

Here is a couch that a neighbor had put out on the sidewalk for donation. It was originally 4 houses down in the other direction!

Like any good disaster tourist, we went for a walk as soon as it was dry. We got to see all of the neighbors out doing the same thing, checking each other out for damage. Plenty of folks were already chopping apart their trees that had fallen. 

Here is a big wash in our neighborhood that I never thought I'd see full. And another body of water to the left that has never filled up in my memory.

And one last picture of a fallen tree. This mammoth was perched up on the top of the bank and fell down into the street and wash.

These storms are not always as scary as this one, and the ones since have been harmless. I was bummed to miss a few of them when I was out of town in Seattle, but at least I was having tons of my own fun. That's a post for another day though!

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