Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seattle with the Savages

The rest of my trip in Seattle was so great. We had weather that was TO DIE FOR. For me especially, because the mornings were overcast (which I like) but the afternoons were sunny and warm. They were the types of days to break your heart and make you just pick up and move to Seattle. 

I LOVED hanging out with my good friends Amy and Erik...and their two playful cats Chloe and Poncho.

We did  a lot of walking. We walked to go out to dinner, we walked to go to a park overlooking Puget Sound, we walked to go to a bakery and enjoy some cinnamon rolls...

We took a bus to get to the ferry dock and then walked onto the ferry.



On Bainbridge Island we walked some more. To shops and restaurants and down to a little park on the water. We were unsuccessful in talking the rental company into letting us take a motor boat onto the water. (They offered a canoe. To which I was thinking, 'make it a motorized canoe and you've got yourself a deal!')

Sunday was Amy's baby shower, which was adorable and fun.

(It was a maxi dress kind of day.)

Amy got so many great gifts for her baby we just need to wait 'til mid-September to meet him!

Missing Seattle and the Savages already!


  1. Julie--we LOVED having you here! Hurry up and DO pick-up and move to Seattle! Thank you for coming!! Miss you already, too!

  2. what you are saying about my little girl (Junie that is!!) AD