Saturday, July 27, 2013

Seattle Start

Last weekend I got to go to Seattle! It was my friend Amy's baby shower and I wasn't going to miss it. We actually talked about making it a family trip but the way things came together, I ended up flying solo. 

I got in in the early afternoon on Friday, which gave me some time to kill before my friends got off work that day. I was so excited to just wander downtown and take in the sights, which included random performances and views.

Then I walked down to Pike Place, where I ate every single sample that was offered to me. Fresh pears, peaches, cherries.


I saw a man walking by with shrimp cocktail where the shrimp were thicker than your thumb. I made noises of longing at them as they passed. Then I found the seafood stand that sold them, and got some shrimp of my own. I walked around in heaven, sucking cocktail off my fingers. Other people made noises of longing at my shrimp, and thus the cycle of Pike Place was completed.

Then I walked over to the Olympic Sculpture Park.

The park was pretty nice, not really a knockout or anything. But I loved sitting in the shade, looking out at Puget Sound and wondering when a tourist was going to get injured trying to climb up on the roof of this fake house:

And then  I walked to the Seattle Center, home of the Space Needle.

I had no idea, but the Bite of Seattle was going on, a huge festival of food trucks and tents and music.

And I spent the rest of the afternoon perched in front of this sight, watching little kids and tourists running in and out of this fountain.

Then Erik, Amy's husband and my childhood friend, texted me that he was off work and ready to meet up. That first afternoon in Seattle was such perfection...the perfect setup to the weekend with Amy and Erik!

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