Thursday, July 18, 2013

Play Dresses

I love dresses.I love dresses because they feel feminine.Because they feel nicer than pants or shorts.

Because I feel like I appear more “put together” with a dress on.I love dresses because they are easy.Because it’s one item equals you're done getting ready instead of trying to pick a top and bottom that goes together.Because they are cool and breezy and comfortable.

Now that I’m a mom, shopping for dresses can be a total chore. It has to be just so long so I feel comfortable sitting cross-legged, or even with my knees tucked to the side. It has so have so much coverage up top since I do so much bending over to play with June. More and more I’m wanting sleeves, not just because my arms look better in sleeves, but also because I’m apparently very old and get chilly everywhere. (I shake my fist at you, All of Arizona, for your need to pump Arctic Blast into every building when it’s summer time.)

So I’m really pulling for a company that my friend's (Remi) sister (Whitney) started. It's called Sonnet James and she has a Kickstarter going on right now (RIGHT HERE). The whole premise of her designs is to create play dresses for playful moms, who want to look great, feel comfortable and be able to roll around on the ground with their kids. 

And crazy story! When I went to Jacob and Allegra’s wedding outside of San Francisco, I spotted a woman running around in a Sonnet James dress! I don’t know the specifics, but there couldn’t have been more than a few hundred of these puppies in existence at the time! Isn’t that wild? (It just happens to be the dress I pine over, the Doutzen.) I ran up to her and asked her if it was Sonnet James, and she said yes. I asked her if she knew Whitney, the creator, and she said no! So it was even more of a coincidence.

I asked to take a picture with her, but I really wish I could have gotten one later. During the reception, at one point I glanced out the window and saw her walking hunched over – after her little daughter. The daughter was drenched from playing in a fountain and was heading straight for a mud puddle, and the woman was smiling and chasing after her. And that was the moment that really captured the nature of Whitney’s company, I think. That desire that moms have to feel attractive, yes, but to feel comfortable, and to be present with your children above all.

(Pardon us and our direct-sunlight shot. I felt that me, an absolute stranger, asking to take a picture with her, was creepy enough. No need to try to lure her to the grove of redwoods where a more natural light was available.)

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