Friday, July 12, 2013

Beach Days

We had two beach days in San Diego, which were filled with the usual beachy things: snacks and sunscreen and shells, and sand, sand everywhere.

June just loves the beach and has since asked to go to it. (No place feels farther from the beach than our little patch of desert.)

Our second beach day was overcast, which some people were bummed about. I actually liked it, even if it wasn't quite as warm as would be perfect. It was nice, and I bet the beach was a little less crowded than it would have been had it been sunny.

We brought food down from some of the shops. While we were down at the water, some seagulls snatched an entire burrito. From inside a wrapper. From inside our plastic bags.

Yeah. Not their first rodeo.

Our group was about 10 people total, and we rented two paddle boards between us, so we took turns taking them out on the water. It was really fun and surprisingly not too difficult. Without a doubt the hardest part was riding parallel to the waves (they would rock you) and coming back in to shore.

I managed to not fall at all and was planning on casually coming back to the group with completely dry hair as my honor badge. Then, as I was riding back in, when I was in about two feet of water, a wave came up and got me. As Russell pointed out, if I had just jumped off I would have just landed in water up to my knees. Instead I did a strange tuck-and-roll move that ended up face-planting me into the water.

So long, honor badge.

Michael's beach landing was much more graceful.

June didn't take a spin on the paddle boards but did love running out into the waves and running back to shore. And lining up her toys. And eating endless Goldfish crackers.

This really made us wish we lived in a place with a beach, where an entire day's worth of fun could be had whenever we felt like it. Maybe one day!

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  1. It looks like you had a great time! I love the picture of the three of you. I also think June looks adorable in her pink and white stripe swimsuit!!! You know there is a lovely beach here :-) We'd love to see you all!