Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Hot Welcome Home

*Written Sunday night*

There are several things I had hoped to be doing tonight, the Sunday after my long weekend vacation in San Diego with my two family companions.

They mostly involved sweatpants and the couch, plus a load of laundry while I watched that movie "The Lucky One." This last bit I admit with some shame, as it seems to the the sugariest of Nicholas Sparks movies, and is starring Zac Efron, but we caught the first half over the weekend and now I just have to see in what manner Zac gets the girl (as always happens with Mr. Sparks.). Plus, Zac Effron is damn good looking and don't you tell me otherwise!

But anyway.

One way I certainly DID NOT picture myself ending a perfect weekend was in a seedy La Quinta alone with my daughter while Michael is at home verbally sparring with home warranty providers.

Our air conditioner broke down at some point over the weekend, as evidenced by the 98-degree state of our home upon arrival. We tried to tolerate it for an hour while phone calls were made, but it was just unbearable. Poor June's cheeks got all red and I was miserable and grouchy. 

So now here we are. I type on my phone while June colors on an $11 pad of invisible ink Disney Princesses.

We'll be here tonight so long as the AC doesn't make a miraculous, spontaneous recovery. We might stay with friends or family if it takes any longer than that.

Wish us luck. Cold, air conditioned luck.

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