Saturday, June 29, 2013

Watery Weekend

We spent last weekend up at my parents' house. June's always happy to go to "Vivi Papa House!" and it always feels like a mini vacation when we do. 

We spend time in the pool...

And have a whole new set of toys and books to play with...

We have a whole kitchen at our disposal, so making dinner up there is a breeze.

When Daddy goes off to play some golf, June and I have plenty to do around town, including feeding ducks with all the leftover hamburger buns.

Of course this time I didn't even bring June's swimsuit to the park. Last time she barely wanted anything to do with the water park and I didn't even end up using a towel for her. So, naturally, this time:

Soaked to the bone. Standing still while water jets poured all over her. No suit, no swimmie diaper, no towel. But she had a great time, which is all that counts. 


  1. Go June! So much braver than last time!!

  2. Nice to know that our familia enjoys coming to ViviPapa's house.....just sad that we aren't there to enjoy hosting you. Stay cool, as we have heard all about the amazingly hot month of June!! Delaware's had the rainiest month of all time....must be global something happening!

    All our love, AD and AM (Anonymous Dad and Anonymous Mom)