Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors

June had her first nightmare the other day.

I guess I can't say definitively if it was her first, but it was the first one we knew about. She woke up whimpering in her crib and it eventually turned into cries. Michael went into her room and I listened through the monitor.

"(Unintelligible mumble) punched me!" she said sadly.

Michael shushed her and told her it was just a dream, that it wasn't real, that she could go back to sleep and have good dreams. She did, and she didn't wake up again until morning.

When I went in to pick her up from her crib, I casually asked about her sleep and dreams like I always do. She paused just a moment and nearly shouted, "Little Farmer punched me!"


"Little Farmer punched me!"

I tried to discern who Little Farmer is. Was he from a book? No? Was he a person in her class? No. Was he an imaginary friend? (P.S. Horror movies have officially ruined me for imaginary friends. The first real imaginary friend to pop up and I will start wondering if it's a part of her [or my] psychosis.) So we're still not sure who "Little Farmer" is. But she did passionately tell us that "That's not very nice!" to punch and "Ouch! That hurts!" about punching in general.

She's been talking about it all week. After further questioning, June admitted to also punching Little Farmer. So... what am I supposed to do with this information?

Anyway, this whole story is just meant to illustrate what a kid my little girl is. This was the first time that we've needed to wake and reassure our Junegirl that their dreams cannot hurt them. One day, when she's just a little older, I can do for June what my mom did for me. She would sit on my bed and make reassuring sounds. She would tell me to think of 10 other things that I'd like to dream about. And by the time you get to 10, and often before, you're already falling back to sleep with the disturbing visions long behind you.

I still use that method, and I hope that June will find it just as useful.

Now I just need to find out who this Little Farmer is. AND DESTROY HIM.

** 20 Bonus  Kindred Spirit Points if you "got" the title of this blog post. 

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  1. " the day bright and beautiful and full of hope" :)