Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Dad Day of Summer

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful Father's Day! My own dad being out in Delaware, after a morning Skype session, I spent time with the other Top Dad in my life, Michael. June helped make breakfast with me while Michael got some extra sleep.

When he was up, it was Present Time. June was very generous and helped Dad open his presents without even needing to be asked!

  Look at this look! I die!

Then we all lotioned up with SPF Mayonaise and went to the pool at the Y, where we lazed about in the shallows.

Then lunch and naps all around, three cheers!

Michael got to watch some golf and we were able to Skype with Michael's parents and his sister while June danced around without pants on.

Michael is such a wonderful father, for lots of reasons. He makes up songs for every little thing he does with June. He has patience beyond measure. When he is with June, you can tell that she is the very center-point of his happiness, and it's such a beautiful thing to behold. Another perk is that he didn't mind having such a low-key Father's Day with his girls.

Sometimes I wonder if she knows how loved and how lucky she is.

I think she does.

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