Sunday, June 16, 2013

The CMoP, Then and Now

When the days start getting hot again, those are the days when Michael and I sit on the couch for much longer than usual muttering, "Well what do YOU want to do?" I get antsy and feel guilty for keeping June locked inside expecting her to still get joy out of placing her Beanie Babies in a circle for the millionth time. 

Should we go bake in the sun at the park where June can't even go on most of the parts because the plastic is hot as the surface of the sun? Should we go walk around the outside malls, clinging to the misters and shade-hopping like the rest of the patrons?

This Saturday was the first time of the year that we broke out the ol' Children's Museum of Phoenix membership. (To be fair, I didn't even realize we still had the membership until a couple of months ago.) 

It was good to be back. It's so great to just watch all of these little humans running around, hearts just exploding from curiosity and freedom and gross motor skills. And all of us parents, just wanting to do the right thing and not step on any tiny feet. I taught June how to make her hands into a point to help her charge through the Noodle Forest and, with how proud I was, you'd think I'd taught her how to use the quadratic formula. 

It's been almost a full year since we first got the membership. It was crazy to compare what June could do/was interested in back then to what she can/is now. She used to spend hours in the baby room and now she is just like, "PSH, BABY ROOM, WHERE IS THE GROCERY STORE?"

Leeetle Junebug:

Monster Junebug:

Pickle car, then and now:

It's funny, we had previously discussed letting the membership expire this year. And then the summer came, and their air conditioning feels so good, and June can say "MooZeeUm!" so we got up to the counter to check in and renewed the thing.  So at least we'll have one extra option next time we're laying around, asking "What do YOU want to do?"

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