Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Spontaneous Aquarium

We spent Friday night hanging out with our friends Remi and Cole and their kids Smith and Captain. We were having such a great time, and the kids were so well-behaved, that we ended up staying until 10:30 (June's normal bedtime is 8:00). 

We hoped that this would mean June would sleep in on Sunday morning, yet 6:30 rolled around and we heard her singing Baa Baa Black Sheep through the monitor. Michael was a total dream and took June out for bagels and groceries while I slept until 9. 

Michael had to work a bit that day, so we did a Junebug handoff and I took off for an adventure. The plan was to go to Arizona Mills mall and walk off some energy in the air-conditioned loop while getting some Father's Day shopping in. Then I found out that the shops didn't open for another hour and a half. This was no less than the third time I've found myself at AZ Mills in this exact situation. 

Instead of wandering the darkened loop with only metal shop gates to look at, I took a spontaneous detour into the Sea Life Aquarium. I've passed this before and it always seemed like a ripoff. $18 per person, and inside a mall no less, how good could it be?? But I saw that kids under 3 were free, and suddenly it seemed like a better choice than the alternative.

One of the coolest parts was a circular room with the aquarium around the whole thing, with a school of fish swimming, swimming, swimming in circles around you. 

See that little dome in the bottom right corner? You could crawl under there and poke your head up into it to see the fish. June was a little scared to get all the way up in there, but was happy to sit and watch the fish swim above her.

See the shark in the background?

Overall impression from the Aquarium? It was better than I expected, considering it was in a mall and I felt like space would be limited. There were some really cool exhibits, though. The stingray room was awesome and June loved the jellyfish room. It worked out great for us, but I can't imagine a family of four paying over $60 to attend (and that's for young kids, anyone over 12 pays an adult admission).

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