Sunday, June 23, 2013


On Friday night we had a family outing to the Phoenix Mercury game! This is the first time we've seen the women's team since June was still being hauled around in a baby carrier. 

Like last time, we got the chance to hang out down by the court for a little bit before the game started. 

We couldn't stay long. There was music, and these days June is a dancing fiend, so it was a struggle to keep her from bouncing off to center court.

June was a little disappointed to hear that the Suns Gorilla doesn't come to Mercury games, so we waited with baited breath to see her reaction to Scorch, the mascot of the Mercury.

He was a hit. She does this thing where she tilts her head back and scrunches up her face, showing us all her little teeth and her dimples, while she cackles like she's never seen something so funny. "Dat's silly!" she'll say.

S'matter of fact, she liked him a little TOO well. All throughout the game she wanted to know where Scorch was and got a little squirmy when he'd been gone for too long. When she started her head-back-cackle randomly while looking over my shoulder, I thought maybe Michael had returned. Nope! It was Scorch hanging out at the top of the aisle. June was grinning and waving a cackling so much that all the people behind us were turning around to see what she was looking at.

We hustled along our row so we could catch him on his way down to the court. Surprisingly June didn't freak out at the close proximity and instead waved at Scorch, and even gave him a high-five!

(Thanks to JP for taking this shot. Sorry we didn't take any with you in the photo!)

Scorch was all she talked about on the way home. That, and her new "Go Mercury!" that she finally mastered. But mostly Scorch. Always Scorch. Forever Scorch. 

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