Monday, June 3, 2013

My Two Favorite Ladies

During our weekend between weddings, our family went up to stay at my parents' home for a little staycation. First thing on the agenda was a belated Mother's Day celebration. Of course last year's Mother's Day gift took almost a full year to come to fruition, so this one only taking a few weeks of scheduling is a huge improvement.

I invited my mom to Afternoon Tea at the Phoenician! I had experienced this once before at Lyndsey's Bridal Tea and knew that it would be something that would be fun to do with my mom. We had an awesome table that faced out toward the grounds of the hotel and was right in front of the grand piano with live music!

We each got a pot of our own tea and three courses of food. Everything was delicious and it was so fun to spend some special time alone with my mom. 

While I got some tea time in, June got a lot of pool time in that weekend. All she wanted to do was put her feet in the water, which sometimes led to putting on her swimsuit and getting all the way in. 

Last Sunday morning, Michael, my mom and dad all went golfing. Michael is so cute and feels guilty when he gets to golf with my family. (We switch off who goes and who stays with June.) I always tell him not to be guilty but to be jealous because we had a totally awesome girls day out planned. First we went to the Fountain Hills park and fed the ducks.

We met our friends Nicola and baby Sophia at the splash pad (where I proceeded to get zero pictures).

And then we had a girl's lunch at my favorite hole-in-the-wall Chinese food place, George & Sons. Then June took a nap and I read! A book! A few hours set aside just to read and I was in heaven.

So as much as I love golfing, and I do, I really enjoyed getting to spend mine with my two girls.

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  1. Oh, Julie! I loved our Mother's Day tea! It was the perfect Mother-Daughter event!!! Like you said, perfect table, perfect music, perfect company and wonderful conversation. Thank you so much.
    Also, I loved the time we spent with you, June and Michael too. The pool was so much fun and we loved watching June enjoy playing in the water. We miss you all in the summer but think of you constantly and will keep phoning/skypeing :-) Love, Mom