Sunday, June 9, 2013

Love in SF

Last weekend we traveled to San Francisco to watch our dear friends Jacob and Allegra get married. We also planned a visit from Grammy around the same time, so while Michael and I jetted off to the city on the bay, June stayed home with Judy. 

Oh yes, parent weekend out! We may have turned our LA Fitness membership in for one to the local YMCA, but we are no domesticated household! No siree, we're wild! 

I'm sure that, upon the first ever full weekend away from your child, you're supposed to be sad and weepy and wait by your phone for pictures to be sent from Grammy. What you're not traditionally supposed to do is sprint out of the house yelling "WELP SEE YOU LOVE YOU BYE" and weep silently on the plane at how excited you are to be on a flight and be able to just re-read the Game of Thrones series and sip an iced coffee and dear Lord, but you're just so content right now. 

Doesn't mean I didn't get SO EXCITED to receive this from Judy as they headed to a pool party back home:

So we got to San Fran, met up with some friends and headed across the Golden Gate to a town called Tiburon. The Bay, some boats and some beverages. That was the order of the day.

Us with Carlo, who was one of Michael's groomsmen, his fiancee Katherine.

The wedding was gorgeous. With a shaded outside ceremony and reception in an old home-turned-tavern that was dripping in charm. The to-be-weds had sent out an invitation to guests to download an app to their iPhones to upload pictures of the wedding to one shared site. So I was buzzing around feeling like Ansel Adams with my silly blurry shots all afternoon.

These redwoods. I die.

Accidental bouffant alert in 3...2...1...

And this little boy. The INSTANT I saw him walk down the aisle I knew. It was a mini Michael. He looks exactly like Michael did as a kid. The resemblance was even more striking when he wasn't smiling.

After the wedding, we headed to a local brewery and hung out as one giant afterparty, where we finally got a picture with the Bride and Groom!

The next day we drove back into the city (by way of the Bay Bridge this time, had to make the rounds) and back onto a flight to come home. Where I was still in my Ansel Adams phase, apparently.

I resisted the urge to upload to the wedding website.

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