Monday, June 10, 2013

Lady in Wading

The pendulum has swung in the fitness department for this family. We used to belong to an LA Fitness, where girls with full makeup and bros in muscle tees would eye each other across the workout equiptment. I'm pretty sure there was a rule about kids under 12 being expressly not allowed. 

We quit the gym and joined the YMCA! We've officially begun that phase of life. 

I've gone to my first few Zumba classes in a few years and was reassured that I still have the gift of my face turning tomato-red after only a half hour. 

The thing that I am most looking forward to, however, is the pool. We don't have one in our yard, so this will be our main place to stay cool this summer. June has some swim lessons coming up, but took her to the pool on Friday to see how she liked it. 

Long story short: she loved it. 

She loved wading into the slowly graded kids pool, and walked all the way up to her neck on her own before turning and wading back to the "little water" (shallows).

I think I know where we'll be every Friday evening going forward.

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