Monday, June 24, 2013

Butterfly Wonderland

We spent last weekend up at my parents' house, and placed perfectly on the way there is the new Butterfly Wonderland attraction. (I had asked Michael - with great excitement - if he'd be interested in going here on Father's Day. The answer was, " Father's Day Veto.") 

The first thing we did was go into a little movie theater and watch a 15 minute video about the migration journey of Monarch butterflies. It was in 3-D, which totally had June entranced for the first 10 minutes. By the last five she was over the glasses and but seemed happy enough to continue watching anyway.

There's a little room that is like a butterfly nursery where you can see all of these cocoons and live butterflies that have had it out of them.

Then it was time to go into the Atrium, the largest one in North America, they claim.

It was pretty cool. There must have been thousands of butterflies just fluttering around everywhere. Landing on people, landing on every plant, landing on the ground (you have to be sure not to step on any). Butterflies of all shapes and colors. There were these bowls of fruit and butterfly food that the butterflies flocked to.

We made such a big deal to June about not touching the butterflies that she got a little concerned when they wanted to touch her. 

It was pretty warm in there, even with the misters, so I'd definitely recommend a morning visit (we arrived around 9:30).

There were also some other small exhibits. There was a bug room, that had these cross-sectioned ant colonies and bee hives.

They also had some native desert insects, like bark scorpions, complete with a black light to see them better!

And there was an aquatic room with several fish tanks, plus one large open tank in the middle with little sting rays swimming around. You could reach in and touch them if you wanted.

Overall, it was a lovely experience. It was a little pricey, about $20 per adult, and kids 3 and over are $10. (June got in free, which is nice.) Similar to how I felt about the Sea Life Aquarium, I felt that this was a great experience and one that I'm glad we've done, but I'm not sure if we'll be going back any time soon. It was a great-to-do-once thing, and we might not be back until June is older. 

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