Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pretty Picnic

Last night we had our first picnic in the new backyard! 

It was the second time we used our new grill, and since June and I were already playing on the blankets laid out on the grass, we decided to have a picnic instead of eating on our patio furniture.

And then the playing. All the playing.

All June wants to do these days is "run on my grass" and be held upside down and "go up in sky" (have Michael toss her up and give me heart attacks).  The number of times we do these things is never enough. We say "last time," and there's always a "do again?" or her saying "last time" to ask for another. The only way we can redirect her without crying is to loudly exclaim, "Are you trying to trick mommy and daddy?!?!" Which she finds hilarious.

The yard is getting these little spring blooms and the weather is perfect once the sun starts to set. Really makes you appreciate these months in Arizona.

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