Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Second Birthday, June!

My little girl turned two today. Two!

Insert paragraph about how I can't believe that she's two and time has flown etc. etc. here. It's all true.

But at the same time, I can believe it. Sometimes it feels like she's always been here, this little piece of me.

Please allow me to brag and tell you about my two year-old.

June at two is such a fun, smart and sweet little person. She loves to run, and will shout "RUN" or "I RUNNNNNNNING" while she does it. She love to arrange her beanie babies in a circle and then stand in the circle and make us sing the Chicken Dance song so she can dance to it. She says her ABC's and can count to 10 on her own, and 20 with assistance. When she wakes up from naps, she throws her puppy, bear and blanket out of the crib, then sits and sings a mash-up of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC and Baa Baa Black Sheep plus whatever gibberish she makes up. She likes to give kisses on both cheeks.

She's testing her limits and our boundaries. She'll dip her hand in her yogurt, we'll tell her not to, then she'll sslllloooowwlllyy dip it back in while looking at us from the corner of her eye, a little wicked grin on her face. She's started saying "mine" with random things (like Grammy's cell phone) and pouts and sometimes starts to cry if you tell her no. We might be heading into the Terrible Two's, but I feel like her general disposition will help us out in the long run.

She sleeps well at night and eats pretty well during the days - she's a little picky about vegetables and protein. She loves her family. Whenever we talk about going someplace she'll ask if everyone she knows is going. "Mommy Junie Daddy Vivi Papa Uncle JP Kai go zoo?"

It's been a whole year since this, her first birthday.

She's grown so much since then (even just her hair) and she's developed so much.

Not to mention from this day, two years ago.

As much as I miss her little baby self, I do adore watching every way she changes and grows.

As I tell you every night after I pull your blanket over you, "I love you, little girl." I hope you have a wonderful third year of life on this planet. I know you'll certainly be the light of mine.

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  1. Once again, Julie, you have brought tears to my eyes by your beautiful writing and your beautiful daughter. I cannot believe Junie is 2 years old. She is SO sweet and SO beautiful and SO smart! She reminds me so much of you at her age. Your hair, your personality, and your jelly shoes :-). I can't believe how much she has changed from just one year ago (not to mention from two years ago!!!) I can't wait to see what this year brings. Love you all!