Thursday, April 25, 2013

Daddy Phase

Our June-Girl is fully immersed in a Daddy Phase right now. 

Michael tries to give me these little sympathetic glances every time she makes it known that I am chopped liver compared to him, but I know the truth. He's absolutely loving it. 

"No Mommy do it. Daddy."

"Can Mommy read you the book?" 

"No. Daddy do it."

I don't pout and in my heart I'm not sad at all. She's spent plenty of time in the Mommy Phase and I'm glad to know the happiness it brings Michael. 

Besides, I still get to pull her away for girlie things, like painting her toenails for the first time!

Also being in an independent phase, she wanted to do it herself. I'm not sure how it happened, but while I was preoccupied locating and tossing the old nail polish bottles whose innards had globbed into a useless mass, I suddenly heard an "uh-oh!" from right next to me. I look down and see half of her toes covered in dark purple and a few drops all over the floor. But the finished product turned out just fine! A little smudged, but fine. 

But back to the Daddy Phase. 

I hate to say it, but part of it is nice. Suddenly I can use the restroom by myself. On the other hand, Michael has a new friend to talk to in the bathroom. And suddenly I'm the one that gets to enjoy her hot coffee on Sunday mornings from the couch while Michael gets to roll June up in a blanket over and over again. Many a month have I snuck in sips of my tepid coffee before getting pulled back in to play Duplo blocks. Now I sit back and relax while Michael says his arms are getting tired from holding June upside down so many times. 

This morning I asked June who her favorite Disney Princess was. She said it was Belle. (Which was a shocker, by the way, since "'Punzel" is the one she always talks about.) When I said I liked Belle too, it was NOT ALLOWED because Junie likes Belle. However, when Michael mentioned that he too liked Belle, she was all smiles. The amazement! That she and Daddy would both like the same Princess! Destiny! She'll probably never even glance at another Princess again.


P.S. I have a sudden need to take her to Disney. Such a need.

That is, if she'd let me join her and her dad. :)

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  1. We are so lucky to have a daughter like you, Jules. Your blog is life enhancing, and we open it daily to have something to look forward to. You are one of the few gifted people who can insert life and love and laughter into your writing, with great photos attached to boot. Please continue to use this rare gift you have....others are so much the better for it!