Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ain't No Party Like a Toddler Party

Because a toddler party ends with nap time!

We had June's birthday party on Saturday morning. I showed up at the park an hour and a half early to make sure we got the pavilion right next to the playground because that's a thing that happens when you are a parent? 

We really didn't want to go over the top so we decided to have a little gathering down at the park. We invited some friends and a handful of June's classmates and had a super casual party letting the kids roam as they pleased. 

Something I learned about June: she is into hugging. WAY into hugging. For each and every friend that showed up, she ran up and insisted on giving them at least one hug, sometimes against their will. 

The kids were so cute playing with each other. I don't get to see June playing with kids she knows very often, so watching these little ones talk to each other and interact was the best.

The water at the splash pad had been turned on, so the favorite of the day was the little ones playing in the puddles.

Here's a June jumping action shot:

Then we herded the kids to the pavilion for snacks and cake.

I think this next picture is my favorite ever.

The funny thing is that June had been waiting for this all week, singing "Happy Birthday to...ME!" but as soon as we started singing, she clammed up and put her hands in her mouth. (Nervous reaction? Can't blame her. Some of us over-share, others put their hands in their mouths.)

After eating, we loosed the kids to play again. 

We had a great time and I think the whole thing went well. June seems  to think so, though the thing she keeps talking about when we bring up the party is that she had "chips." The only bad thing was that one of the more powerful jets blasted June and she got soaking wet. But after some consoling she was back to playing with her friends, posing for pictures and giving hugs goodbye...and then another hug...and one more, hold still Ethan, LET ME HUG YOU.

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