Monday, March 25, 2013

The New Green

On Friday we had a huge step forward in our yard adventures - we got our new grass!

We decided to install artificial grass in our teeny tiny back yard. Keeping that little patch of real grass alive and well was so tough with the shady spots and blazing Arizona summer. We had a lawn mower that took up about a quarter of the total space we were mowing. 

Here's our before picture, although it's after we'd stopped trying with our grass and after we'd started taking out the brick barrier. 

So we thought about the pluses and minuses to installing artificial turf and couldn't say no. 

After getting a few quotes, keeping some samples and walking barefoot on little patches of the green in our living room, we decided on a company. Last week some guys came and installed the curbing around our little yard and along our property line. 

Then, on Friday, the grass arrived!

The company came to install it while we were at work, so we got an awesome reveal when we got home! And guys, I am so in love.

(This isn't an official "after" photo yet - we're still working on getting plants in and getting rock down.)

We had my family over on Saturday evening to help out and enjoy some time together and we ended up outside, welcoming the new turf to the family.

It was such a nice feeling, sitting outside in the wonderful weather, watching the kids run around with a football, knowing that our yard is slowly coming together.

I feel like I can picture our kids playing soccer out there. I feel like I could picture us backyard camping there one night.

At one point, we took a break from book-reading to have a dance party and really break in the new grass.

I love looking out our glass doors and seeing how green it is back there. It's been so long since our yard looked like much of anything. Now I look so forward to any time we'll get to spend out there!

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