Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Little White Hat

In June, 2011, when our little June the Bug was only a couple of months old, we drove up to my parents' house to take her on her first swim. On the way up there we realized that we didn't have a hat for her tiny bald head. Being paranoid first-time parents, we pulled into Target and I ran into the store to buy one. I searched and found one big display of sun safety items. I grabbed the smallest white hat I could find. 

It swallowed her up. 

I'm sure it helped protect her fair skin, but we had to constantly adjust, fold and tilt to keep her covered. 

It was so sweet. I remember it seeming like she would never fit into that huge hat.

When I was uploading pictures of our trip to San Francisco, I noticed the hat. I remember fastening it under June's chin at the Golden Gate Bridge and thinking that it was a snug fit, that we'd soon need to get a new one. The white fabric barely covered her big ol' noggin.

Funny that a small, inexpensive piece of white fabric bought last-minute in a Fountain Hills Target can make me get all emotional about my little girl growing up. Outgrowing things. Moving on.

Soon the hat will go in my tubs of baby clothes I'm keeping in case we have another girl down the road. But maybe even after that I'll hold on to this silly hat to remember when it wore her, then she wore it, then she grew up to wear other hats, more dramatic hats, more whimsical hats. 

Please let her want to wear whimsical hats. 

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