Friday, March 8, 2013

The Last Bit of the Bay

This'll be my last post about San Francisco, I promise, but I can't not post some of these pictures. 

The afternoon after we hung out near the Golden Gate Bridge, we headed back into town by way of Lombard Street. This is the really famous street that is super wind-y and switches back and forth like crazy. I guess you can't really tell from my pictures, but it was really cool. I can't believe that people actually live there - imagine the traffic every day!

After that we went to Ghirardelli Square and got some of the good stuff. June took advantage of the photo-op to dive into the ice cream sundae. Don't really blame her.

The next morning we went back downtown by way of the Bart, their subway system. June was sort of thrilled/terrified and kept talking about how the "choo choo train loud."

We hung around the San Francisco Ferry Building Marketplace, ate some food and sampled a lot of the goods.

June missed out on whether the choo choo train was loud on the way home since she passed out in her stroller.

(Can you tell that it was chilly?)

So this happened:

It's incredible the lengths we parents will go to to keep our kids asleep.

p.s. June woke up as soon as we got to the top of the stairs.

p.p.s. Of course.

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  1. June looks so adorable asleep in the stroller! What good parents you are to carry her up all of those stairs too--royal treatment! :)