Friday, March 1, 2013

Now You See It

We've decided to make some landscaping changes to our yard. By 'changes' I mean that we are re-doing just about every aspect of our yards - front and back. We have quite the list of items we're trying to get done, and since we're DIY-ing and have a completion goal date of Easter, it sounds like we might have some busy weekends ahead of us. 

One of the biggest and earliest pieces was getting rid of the big mesquite tree in our front yard. I really enjoyed the shade that it provided, but it was just getting too bug and out of control. It dumps tons of litter and grows really fast, so we had some people come a tear it down. 



Our neighbor was home when they did it and said that the total time it took them to cut down the tree and put it through the mulcher was 11 minutes! That's it!

Now that it's gone, we can get on with the rest of our to-do list, which looks a little like this:

1. Dig up and re-do irrigation system
2. Buy and plant new trees and plants
3. Have artificial grass installed
4. Build a river rock bed?
5. Spread new rock

And all before Easter. We'll see! I'm just excited that we're finally working towards creating a yard that we'll be proud of. Wish us luck!

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