Friday, March 22, 2013

Gift Hiding Fail

The other day I bought some birthday gifts for June and quickly hid them in my closet before she was on to me. 

Later in the day, not even a full day later, she found it. 

I was hanging out in the kitchen when I see her toddle out from my bedroom holding the big book with all of the buttons that make different noises.

"Well where did you hide it?" Michael asked.

"Behind my hamper in the closet."

"As someone who had done his fair share of searching for hidden presents in his lifetime, I'll tell you that the key is always to go UP in closet hiding spots," he said.

So the bad news was that she found it, but the good news was that she loved it? I planned on taking it away and re-hiding it as soon as she lost interest but that...didn't happen.  I eventually had to take her out on an outing just to get her to abandon the book. Even then, she sort of caught me re-hiding it in the process.

So that present might not be quite the surprise come April 5, but at least we know there will be one gift she loves.

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