Sunday, March 24, 2013


This weekend has been huge for our yard renovation! Things are finally coming together, with the exception of the discs in my back, which I think are coming apart. (Pain humor! So fun.)

(No seriously, I'm so sore right now.)

But for now let me show you the life and death of an awesome DIY-er item: a Bagster.

We knew we had a lot of stuff we needed to get rid of in our yard. Plants we didn't want, other yard debris, irrigation tubing and other random things. All of that adds up in weight really quickly and we don't have a dumpster anywhere near our home. So we bought our own...sort of.

You buy a Bagster at any home store, we got ours at Home Depot. I think it was $25.
(Not my photo. SOURCE)

Then you unwrap and unfold it until it looks like a sad, misshapen blob.

And fill. Fill with whatever your heart desires. Mostly. There are some things they won't take, like flammable items or appliances, but they take construction debris, wood, yard waste and even soil.

This was our Bagster after ONE DAY'S WORK:

That day was also very busy. Sayonara, aloe plants.

This was our Bagster on Monday morning:

From here you can see plants, general garbage, a ton of debris (mostly needles from mesquite trees, some gravel and soil mixed in), PVC pipes and irrigation tubing. 

Then you call the Bagster people and they send a truck over to pick it up. The fee to pick up was $99.

 (Also not my photo. SOURCE.)

You don't even need to be there when they pick it up - we weren't, and we were greeted by a clear driveway when we got home from work on Tuesday. 

I'm so excited with how things are coming together!

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