Monday, February 4, 2013

Urban Farm

On Saturday morning we met one of my favorite friends, Remi, at one of my favorite Phoenix spots, the Farm at South Mountain. It was Remi's birthday and the Farm just happens to be her happy place too. Something about that place makes you feel miles outside of a city.

As soon as we stepped out of the car, a rooster crowed and June got so excited, her little mouth forming a perfect "O."

The kids loved looking at the chickens and roosters. See this little one in pink in the middle? That's Smith, Remi's son. Did he borrow June's sweatshirt for warmth? Or were we making a statement about gender roles? You decide!

We had an awesome breakfast and then walked around. In addition to the working farm, they have a few tables set up selling produce and homemade jam. I was in heaven.

And see that little dreamboat in the fuzzy full-body reindeer suit? That's Captain, Remi and Cole's younger son. He is the cutest, smiliest little guy. I held him for a bit, and while I attempted to tame my baby fever, June had to tame something of her own. Namely, her jealousy. She was NOT PLEASED to see Mommy holding the baby and eventually had to go on a walk with Daddy so Mommy could get her snuggles in. 

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  1. heteronormativity. for sure.

    is that a word? google doesn't think so.