Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Best Parts about Sunday

1.  June getting a bit nervous while Michael vacuums, so she sits nestled into my lap on the couch, tilts her head back on my shoulder and snuggles. Daytime voluntary snuggles are a rare thing around here.

2.  Walking back to the car from Pita Jungle and saying, "Junebug, are you a silly goose?" She replies, "No! Mommy Daddy silly goose!" And thus, she completed her first diss.

3. Warm cinnamon sugar muffins made from scratch.

4.  Michael doing a celebratory dance after successfully executing a combination bounce/spin maneuver to get a big ball back to it's corner.

5.  Getting ready to take a shower, I hear June singing the ABC's by herself in the next room. When she finishes the song, I hear her quietly say, "Yaaaay."

6.  Sitting on the floor while June climbs on my lap, I say, "Do you know how much I love you? I love you so much!" She stops climbing, looks me square in the face and says, very clearly, "I love you too...Mommy."

7. Michael reconsidering having me run out at a certain downtown Phoenix gas station we were passing to return the Redbox rental. "On second thought, I think someone got slashed there semi-recently. Let's use one closer to home." He doesn't want to see me slashed! This is the stuff of romance, people!

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