Sunday, February 24, 2013

Golden Gate

Last Sunday our group - Jacob, Allegra, baby Liana, Michael, June and I - went to the Golden Gate Bridge. We went to a place called Cavallo Point, which has quite a bit of emotional significance to Jacob and Allegra, who got engaged there. 

It's a resort right at the base of the Bridge and it is fabulous. I'll tell you what it reminded me of: the family camp in Dirty Dancing. There were all of these big old white buildings with red roofs  that contrasted with the greenery and it was a lovely effect. The place used to be Fort Baker, a former US Army post. So it's got an old feel and an old look and I think I'm in love.

Anyway, we went there for lunch and then walked around taking pictures and appreciating the views. I don't have much else to say but to let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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