Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dolores Park

We decided to take a small family trip to San Francisco this past weekend to visit some friends out there. Jacob and Allegra had an adorable baby several months ago and we were tired of oogling over her through Instagram and decided to go meet her in person. 

After a short, easy flight on Saturday morning, we arrived in San Fran and hit the ground running. We ate lunch in and then walked a few miles to Dolores Park. The simple act of walking was SUCH a pleasure. I've only been to San Francisco once before and it was a short work trip that didn't allow me much time for sight-seeing. So much about the city is so unique - the architecture, the social climate, the geography - and I was drinking it all in as we meandered with the strollers. 

Here, for example, is a bit of what we were told is one of the steepest hills in San Francisco. (So steep that there wasn't even a sidewalk, just steps!)

Dolores Park was so fun and quirky and relaxing and different. It was a huge park in the middle of a metropolis, so since the weather was TO DIE FOR, it was overrun with people wanting to spend time outdoors in the greenery. Off to one side was a huge play structure that kids were going wild over. And all the while you had views of the city that were incredible.

Different groups of people have their "spot" in Dolores Park. True to what was promised, I googled it and found maps that help you find what spot you're looking for. There is the family-friendly area, the area where all the dogs are, the yogis, the pot-smokers, the gay sun bathers, the hipster bicyclists.

We took a spot near the play structure and just laid around for a few hours.

A troupe of people showed up with about twenty hula hoops, played music and invited others to join. So we did. 

 (Baby Liana - June called her 'Baby Eena' - makes me smile too.)

 After lounging, playing, dancing, hula-hooping, walking to the market to buy snacks and drinks, consuming the snacks and drinks and generally having a great time, we walked back through the streets to Jacob and Allegra's home.

Then it was time for bed for the kids and time for the grill for the adults.

We loved getting to see our friends and see the city in an relaxed and unhurried way. That first day was probably the most low-key of the ones we spent, but it was also probably my favorite.

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