Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Young Suns Fam

On Sunday evening we went to a Suns game. I couldn't believe that this was June's first game! She went to a Mercury game (the women's team in Phoenix) but this was her first time seeing the guys. (There was a blog post about the Mercury outing. And since I can't resist, I'm also posting two pictures:

End parenthesis.)

We arrived early before the doors were opened and got a good look around. 

We walked around the concourse for a while trying to burn off some energy. I wasn't very optimistic about June's willingness to sit in her seat for any period of time and I didn't want to get to our seats and then have her struggling with me through the National Anthem or something. Knowing that Michael would have to run off for a bit, we took a family picture for the record books.

But once June saw how exciting the main bowl of the stadium was, she didn't want to go back to the concourse. Okay, I said, if you want to be in there so bad we'll head to our seats.

That girl, man. That girl.

Had the time of HER LIFE.

I'm sure it helped that it was just sensory overload in there. The blimp whizzing around overhead. The ADD soundbites of 7 seconds of songs. The fans. The dancers. The young girl behind us who was cheering fervently. The gorilla. Oh the gorilla. June was in awe. The befacial-haired middle-aged men sitting next to us, who I worried we would annoy, said that June was plenty of entertainment for the whole evening. She danced. She clapped. She bounced. She showed us how a gorilla goes (pounded her chest).

She even sat in fascination when the lights went out for the opening lineup and Anthem.

It was a great situation. She sat in my lap most of the time and had the space in front of her seat the rest. No one was in the seat directly in front of her so she was able to jump her little heart out to those little music clips.

It was a great little night out for the family - and we didn't even go to the kid zone! I guess we'll have to save that for another time...if I can pull her away from the game, that is.

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