Tuesday, January 29, 2013

You Can Plan a Pretty Picnic

For the joint celebration of my mom and dad's birthdays this year, we (JP, Michael and I) decided to do something a little special. We made some plans, wrote up an itinerary and told M&D the news - we'd spend a weekend in Sedona and they were going to a beautiful helicopter ride for a lovely sunny view of the red rocks!!

Well, ...

Yeeeaahhhh... about that.

It was the one day in the Arizona year where you get all day rain. Rain, as rare as it is, does happen in AZ, but it's usually a quick storm and then it's gone. The ONE DAY we make plans to go up to Sedona and it pours all. day. long.

The helicopter tour was cancelled and we tried to make the most out of the day. We briefly walked around the deserted shops and moved from one restaurant to the next while trying to escape the rain.

At some point we checked into the hotel and relaxed a bit on the covered patio outside our rooms. June was supposed to be napping but apparently the excitement of the new surrounding was too much for such boring things as "naps."

We walked around a little shopping center called Tlaquepaque, which under normal circumstances is this beautiful, romantic setting with adorable boutiques and shops.

It was still beautiful in the rain. Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a chance to appreciate it because I was too busy holding a squirming toddler, trying to keep her under the umbrella, trying to keep her out of the puddles, trying to keep her from touching all of the art and just generally feeling anxiety about everything.

We had dinner at a local place that got glowing reviews from several sources. It's called Elote and if you ever go, go early (like we did) so you can get seated in the first seating. Otherwise you're in for a wait! (And get the Elote appetizer, which is some mixture of corn and cream sauce and tiny fragments of Heaven itself.)

After June and Kai went to bed, the adults stayed up in one of the rooms, having drinks and listening to Pandora and laughing. At one point I googled "Indoor activities to do with kids in Sedona in rainy weather" and the results were basically "None."

The next morning, the weather had eased up a bit. It was still gloomy, but it sort of left us with interesting views of those famous Rocks.

Then we walked around town a little.


Then we headed down to some wineries, but I'll save that post for another day.

Happy Birthday to my Mom and Dad! Thanks for a great weekend in spite of the weather. We make plans and God laughs!

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