Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Snow and a Sled

And there was snow. So much snow. 

The funny thing is that Danville and even other parts of Indianapolis didn't seem to have quite the layer that we did. It was like the gods of winter said, "Let there be sledding at Grammy and PaPaw Fred's house! But also safe roads in general."

Circumstances for sledding didn't align until our third day there. Day One was for traveling. Day Two was for Illinois. And though Day Three was for family, it was also for the powdery white. (We also did some playing/sledding/adventuring in the woods on another day, and this post will feature documentation of all.)

So without further ado, I present unto you PICTURE OVERLOAD 2013. 

And let me say to my mother in-law, this: Judy, I hope you won't be mad that I posted this, the awesomest of photos. The looks on you and June's faces make it seem like you were going down the steepest of glaciers, so I won't comment on the actual grade of the "hill."

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