Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sedona Vine

On our way back to Phoenix from Sedona, we made plans to stop at a couple of wineries. The vines of the high desert might not compare to those of Napa Valley just yet, but we really enjoyed  them. 

The first one we stopped at was Oak Creek Vineyards. It was a really cute little spot and it was kind of fun that we were the only people there.

Maybe my favorite part was that they had a toy table set up for kids to use. So while the rest of us were at the bar doing some tasting, Kai and June were happy to play over at their table.  

The next place, Javelina Leap, was also cute. It was definitely a more ... mature place. It was really lovely inside, dark walls and a dark bar and local crafts and art covering the walls. But it was also not super family-friendly. There was a sign out front reminding us that all children had to be carefully watched. Since June didn't have a table to play with, Michael decided to sit the tasting out and keep an eye on her the whole time.

We took a tour of the place and ended up having lunch there also. It was a great way to end our short trip up to Sedona.

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  1. After I read your wonderful blogs, I further realized what a truly magical time we had!!! Humble thanks to Julie, Michael, Junie the bug, JP and Master Kai for taking a rainy, chilly weekend and making it special.....Anonymous Birthday Dad (ABD)